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S.A. Studio Santagostino

We give value to your resources coaching you to your Objective

S.A. Studio Santagostino has been supporting companies in processes of organization, evaluation, selection and training of human resources for 50 years. Over this time we have maintained the same initial enthusiasm, and improved our skills, updating them to the new company needs and becoming the ideal partner to help increase the business prospects.

Our knowledge, combined with cooperation, discussion and exchange of experiences, provide an essential interdisciplinary approach to an effective solution to the customers' needs.

We act in the business consultancy sector offering services for an  effective corporate management complexity allowing to acquire the organizational benefits and positioning which shall permit sustainable growth.

Our support is based on:

  • team work that ensures the integration of all the necessary skills both in the analysis and in the operational phase
  • operational support to the Customer management to enable the rapid acquisition of skills necessary for the independent management of the different projects
  • social responsibility in the management of the organizational processes within the Group and in the relational and professional dynamics with Customers and Partners

Last News

  • 08/30/2019

  • Formazione Dirigenti: Pubblicati AVVISI FONDIR 2018


    Con la nuova programmazione, FONDIR ha introdotto importanti novità che riguardano le procedure e la rendicontazione dei Piani presentati al Fondo per la formazione dei dirigenti, raccogliendo così...

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